The Internet We Deserve

Over the years, Pied Piper has changed many landscapes. Compression. Data. The Internet. Revolutionizing one landscape at a time.

Pied Piper Staff

In its original incarnation, Pied Piper was a songwriter-oriented music app that made it easier for songwriters to determine if their work infringed on other’s copyright. And frankly, we still think that wasn’t a terrible idea, and we were kind of looking forward to doing it, because who doesn’t like music, right?

However, based on user feedback that was suboptimal and on occasion downright mean, we are now currently pivoting to a SaaS model to create a new “compression cloud” solution that covers a far wider user base. This new strategy brings us a clearer path to monetization and helps us even avoid the crappy licensing models for Lempel-Ziv-Welch in .gif files (among others). Because Lord knows, there aren’t enough compressed .gif files in the world that have cats making faces with rap lyrics underneath them.